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Episode 7: Systems

Episode 7: Systems

Hello, everyone, just wanted to let you know that the podcast is still very much alive. We ran into some trouble with our hosting company, and the site’s been down for this entire past week. We’re back now, and here’s an incredibly belated Episode 7.

Show Notes
(03:00) Generic systems
(05:30) Unisystem - Eden Studios' underlining resolution system for their Cinematic and Classic games
(07:30) Building the Force
(09:00) System Matters / The Forge
(28:00) Roll-Under Rant

What do you guys think of the show notes? Do you like ’em or hate ’em?
Whatever the case, leave a comment or send us an email to help me get used to this stuff.


Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again” by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles

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