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Episode 5: Star Wars RPGs

Episode 5: Star Wars RPGs
(Explicit Warning)

Show Notes
(00:28) Open D6 has dumb stats. 
(05:50) Revised Edition vs. Star Wars FFG
(07:30) Swingy dice
(10:45) Magical Christmas Land (Josh's Fantasy World)
(12:00) System Mastery (Note: Not System Mastery, which is great.)
(21:27) Kill More Orc Babies
(29:00) Absent Players, Losing Characters
(58:00) Shadowrun combat systems.

Sorry About the late upload; I decided to change the format a bit. 
Let me know if you like it or if you'd prefer I change it back.


Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again” by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles

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