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Episode 1: GM Styles

Episode 1: GM Styles
(Explicit Warning)

Show Notes
(0:32) Coy refuses to sit down and talk like a human.
(3:51) Coy makes a weird joke.
(4:20) Josh misremembers a story from "Of Dice and Men" by David M. Ewalt as an episode of another podcast.
(6:30) D&D might have flaws.
(11:00) We turn off the explicit filter.
(13:50) Josh's thoughts on The Monkeys Paw trope.
(17:20) Josh arbitrarily decides that there are only 3 types of Gamemastering.
(23:40) White Room Writing
(28:30) Josh played in a Star Wars game run by (bleep) that went sideways after two years.
(31:52) Josh bought his players special dice for Monte Cook's Cypher System which nobody liked.
(34:00) Give the players what they work for.
(36:00) We hate on pre-written adventure modules for a while.
(39:00) Fear the Boot (my favorite gaming podcast) and their Box Canyon concept.
(42:39) Adventure Hooks


"Burning School" by Free Piece of Tape
"Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again" by Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles
"Adventure, Darling" by Gillicuddy

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